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Copper Green Quart Wood Preservative 30004

Copper Green Quart Wood Preservative 30004

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Usually ships in 3-4 business days
COPPER-GREEN is a copper naphthenate and hydrocarbon solvent wood preservative that may be brush applied for surface protection of most woods. Dip soaking or pressure impregnation of COPPER-GREEN will result in deeper penetration resulting in longer preservation of treatable species. The copper in COPPER-GREEN reacts with the cellulose of wood. As a result it is not easily lost from the wood by leaching. This formulation extends the service life of wood products. FOR EXTERIOR USE ONLY. RECOMMENDED FOR:
Window frames, doors, stairs, porches, posts, siding, shingles, trellises, steps, subflooring, outdoor furniture, fence pickets, fence rails, furring strips arbors, and beverage cases. Also for use on fence posts, poles, foundations, sills, decks, boats and all wood exposed to moisture or weather. COPPER-GREEN can be used to treat wood for greenhouses, i.e. nursery flats, etc. In addition to preventing decay, blue stain, and insect attack on wood this preservative controls warping, swelling, shrinking and end checking caused by changes in moisture content of lumber and plywood products. Wood to be protected against subterranean termites should be treated before use in construction. Termites and powder post beetles will not attack wood treated with COPPER-GREEN Wood Preservative. COVERAGE:
Estimate 150 to 200 sq. ft. per gallon for brush coat or 5 to 10 gallons per 1000 board feet for dipping dimensional lumber.
Copper Green Quart Wood Preservative 30004Copper Green Quart Wood Preservative 30004