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Aervoe 11 Oz. Tef-Lube (Case of 12)

Aervoe 11 Oz. Tef-Lube (Case of 12)

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A superior lubricant that combines the advantages of high-grade petroleum oils and solvents with micron-sized PTFE to provide the finest multi-component penetrating lubricant system available. -Protects against corrosion, displaces moisture
-Keeps equipment running longer
-Reduces friction and increases part life
-Reduces costly breakdowns caused by work and dirty parts
-Penetrate inaccessible areas with extension tube
-Spray-Any-Way valve allows application in any direction or position
-Performs at temperatures from -60F to 475F (-51C to 246C)
-Meets MIL-C-372B (small arms bore cleaner), MIL-C-23411/A (corrosion preventive compound), VV-P-216B (penetrating oil), VV-L-820C (general purpose lubricating oil), and VV-L-751C (chain, wire rope lubricating oil) Applications: chains, bearings, gears, sprockets, conveyors, electric motors and switches, locks, air tools, weapons, fishing reels, sporting equipment, office machines, and home appliances/repairs.
Aervoe 11 Oz. Tef-Lube (Case of 12)Aervoe 11 Oz. Tef-Lube (Case of 12)