Located in Redwood City, California we buy direct from all manufacturers, thus there is no retail mark-up to you the consumer. Started in 1945 by Allen Koblick, Koblick Supply has changed along with the times. Originally Koblick Supply started out as a hardware store and then grew into a distrubutor of hardware and electrical goods. As competition grew we started selling online in 2006 and haven't looked back. We have 30,000 products on our website and continue to add more every year. With the amount of products offered we rely heavily on manufacturers to drop ship many of our products direct to the customer. In many instances this may be faster if the customer is located close to the manufacturers location.

Koblick Supply's web presence can been seen in builders hardware, hand tools, garden supplies and electrical categories. With unbeatable prices and our signature "Free Shipping on all orders over $150" Koblick Supply has become a go to and known e-commerce site since 2006. We appreciate all the business people have come to us for and look forward to supplying you with products you need for your personal life or business.